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LeaFaery is an intuitive councellor who has been helping guide others on their roads to success and happiness in ALL areas of their lives for over 30 years, 8 of these professionally as her full time occupation. To learn a bit about Lea please read on:

LeaFaery was born in Germany in 1965 and was nicknamed Lea of the Fae by her nanny because of her insight even as a small child. Her early childhood was filled with the magick of the fae(fairys as we know them here in the western world) and the gifts that spirit brings to the very young with whom society has not yet closed off. She was very lucky in that her family were also very intune and never once told her she was imagining things or that she "shouldn't" and so as she grew her gift of insight became stronger and her communications with the spirits/fae/universe became louder and more frequent. Hence, Lea of the Fae became LeaFaery at age 18 and continued to study, learn and grow as an intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and empath.

Helping family and friends was what she loved most and although she followed society and did marry, raise a family and have a "real" job her love of the universe continued to push her deeper into the spirit realm when at age 29 she finally decided to do what the universe seemed to be pushing her to! She quit her full time "real" job and brushed off the condescending tones of the many who scoffed. She started slow with a few readings here and there and finally broke free to become internationally known as one of the most sought after intuitives online.

She has previously worked for as well as the recently bought out and is now doing her part on where she works as much as possible when not taking prebooked appointments through

LeaFaery is an ordained clergy member of the Church of Spiritual Humanism and is doing her best to help guide others in their spiritual quest. Her company, The Earths Many Paths, is a testament to her non-judgmental personality and speaks volumes about what she believes in most of all; that all human beings have an equal right to their own spiritual and personal beliefs.

LeaFaery can work with or without the use of tools(ie: tarot cards) by tapping into the energy that connects us all. She uses all of her senses and often channels spirits around you or those that like to "hang around" her home to give detailed readings on past, present and future.

LeaFaery Quote:"I am not 100% accurate...only God is. I do my best and for 30 years that best has been enough...have I ever been wrong? Yup. A lot? Nope...but that doesn't mean that I won't be this time or next time it just means the law of averages is in my favor...for now."

*Please note! You MUST be at least 18 years of age to call!* For entertainment purposes only! You are solely responsible for choosing whether or not you use LeaFaery's advice! LeaFaery will not be held accountable for guidance that is misused or misunderstood. No one is perfect except GOD! By calling or ordering an email reading you are agreeing that you are asking for an OPINION based on LeaFaerys' knowledge. Please do NOT ask medical questions (ie: 'Am I pregnant and what is the sex? or 'Am I ill?' Seek professional medical help! LeaFaery is NOT a medical doctor!)

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