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Readings by LeaFaery!!!

Please email me at to book your time at least two weeks in advance to allow for schedule conflicts and PayPal funds clearing (credit cards are almost immediate if you have an account already established...cheques need to clear). Once I have been notified that funds are clear I will send you an email confirming time and your phone number. I will do my utmost to book your appointment on the day and time specified but know that there will occasionally be overlaps and first come first served:)

If this is your first time speaking with me please allow ample time...I do recommend that you book one hour to start as I do touch on all phases of your past, present and future and rushing through does you no service. We need to know where you are coming from energetically in order to see where you are heading:)

I am blunt, honest and swear like a trucker! If you are ok with that then we will get along just fine! If you simply want to hear what you are hoping to hear please call someone else. I will only tell you the truth as I see it so don't shoot the messenger!

Schedule in Mountain Time (MST):

Mon-Fri 4pm - 6pm

Half Hour

$100 USD

Full Hour

$160 USD

Mon-Fri 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Half Hour

$120 USD

Full Hour

$180 USD

Sat or Sun : One Hour Reading's Only 10am - 8pm

Full Hour

$200 USD


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If you do not have a Paypal account you may also get in touch with me for a per minute charge here:

Receive $5.00 to use towards your first call as a new customer! Enjoy!

Please note! You MUST be at least 18 years of age to call!* For entertainment purposes only!

You are solely responsible for choosing whether or not you use LeaFaery's advice! LeaFaery will not be held accountable for guidance that is misused or misunderstood. No one is perfect except GOD! By calling or ordering an email reading you are agreeing that you are asking for an OPINION based on LeaFaerys' knowledge. Please do NOT ask medical questions (ie: 'Am I pregnant and what is the sex? or 'Am I ill?' Seek professional medical help! LeaFaery is NOT a medical doctor!)